Pendar Technologies LLC

About Us

Each optical measurement challenge is best met by specific wavelengths of light and particular spectroscopic tools selected and optimized for the substances to be interrogated. Pendar Technologies is built around the concept that solutions should not be constrained by a single technology or limited to results from a narrow bandwidth of light. Because it brings together a diverse group of engineers with experience in a broad range of techniques, Pendar Technologies is well positioned to develop tailored, multi-modal systems for previously unaddressed needs.

For example, our QCL technology allowed us to develop a Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy (DRS) platform in the Mid-Infrared wavelength for the detection of trace gases. At the other end of the spectrum, oximeters based on Resonance Raman Spectroscopy (RRS) probe the oxygenation state of hemoglobin and the redox state of the electron transport chain within the mitochondria. Each of these platforms is powered by sophisticated algorithm and data analysis tools that extract actionable results from the data. Finally, our in-house design and prototyping teams are able to integrate the systems in a portable form factor suitable for use in diverse environments.

Pendar Technologies is a privately held product development company focused on bringing to market multi-modal portable analysis and monitoring products. With expertise in innovative spectroscopy and data science, the company has a pipeline of products in development to extract hidden information in a complex world. The company was formed by a merger of successful technology companies in 2015. Pendar Medical LLC brought medical device expertise, proven breakthrough spectroscopic handheld tools, and successful commercialization experience. Eos Photonics Inc. developed cutting-edge Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) for advanced applications.