Advancing intelligent chemistry systems

Our mission is to create intelligent chemistry systems. We fuse innovative hardware with machine learning algorithms guided by expert knowledge of molecular spectroscopy. We develop elegantly designed, user-friendly products to extract relevant information and interpretations from complex data. Pendar's platforms help identify and detect materials, determine optimal chemical reaction pathways, and perceive the health of a human organ. By providing clear actionable results and interpretations, our solutions enable users to focus on their primary objectives: discovering and scaling-up new chemistries, responding to emergencies, and saving lives.

Our team previously brought handheld spectroscopy to the field, founded two successful venture-backed companies, and pioneered Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs). We are a vertically integrated company of scientists, engineers, and innovators building our own software, spectroscopy platforms, and laser systems from the ground-up. Pendar's solutions leverage our core capabilities into uniquely insightful products for the pharmaceutical, safety & security, and medical markets. Pendar Technologies was formed in 2015 by a merger of Pendar Medical and Eos Photonics.



Creating truly cutting edge products means working with a world-class team. We are always looking for experts who can contribute to our projects. If you are interested in bringing your skills to work with us, please submit a resume to


Introducing Pendar X10™

A Breakthrough in Short-Range Standoff Raman for Chemical Identification - Pendar Technologies introduces a breakthrough in Raman chemical detection. At a standoff distance of up to 3 feet, Pendar X10 allows for rapid identification of hazardous chemicals in homemade explosives labs or during EOD operations, including highly fluorescent, dark, and sensitive materials. Press Release