Laser focus
where it's needed

High power Quantum Cascade Lasers enable you to direct the power you need to fulfill the most demanding requirements

High Power MWIR and LWIR QCLs

Using innovative and proprietary Quantum Cascade Laser arrays, we are able to create a high-power, mid-infrared laser in a small package. Our design achieves a low M2 beam while maintaining high efficiency and irradiance. Our QCL array is packaged to maintain a compact form factor perfect for a range of applications.

Key Advances

  • • High efficiency and irradiance, low M2

  • • Scalable beam-combined laser array technology

  • • Multi-Watt beam combined low diffraction output

  • • Compact form factor

Pendar Technologies is working with partners to integrate the high-power module for demanding applications in industrial, safety & security, chemical analysis, and directed energy markets. Please contact us for more information about your specific requirements and partnership opportunities.