Greg Vander Rhodes

Director of Software Development

Dr. Greg Vander Rhodes is Director of Software Development at Pendar Technologies. He received his BS degree in physics from Carnegie Mellon University and his MS and PhD degrees in physics from Boston University. Dr. Vander Rhodes began his career at CoreTek, which was acquired by Nortel Networks. There, he contributed to the design and development of an optically pumped MEMS-based tunable VCSEL module. In 2002, he joined Ahura Scientific, where he built a team of software engineers to develop the FirstDefender and TruDefender lines of handheld spectrometers (Raman and FTIR) for chemical identification. In 2010, Ahura Scientific was acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific and in 2013, he joined Pendar Medical. Dr. Vander Rhodes is the author of numerous technical papers and conference proceedings and a contributor to multiple patents.