Chemical Analysis at a distance

Our multi-modal, standoff platforms will detect, identify, and monitor substances without requiring direct contact with the sample

Standoff Chemical Analysis

Detection and identification of compounds is a messy business. Samples can be difficult, impossible, or dangerous to secure, and testing personnel may be exposed to increased risks. Furthermore, consumables are involved, increasing logistical complications and the risk of secondary contamination. Accurate and fast standoff chemical analysis would alleviate these concerns. Among others, applications include detection, identification, monitoring, and process control.

Pendar Standoff chemical analysis products extract chemical information about the environment where we work, live, produce, and research. We provide a “chemical eye” enabling you to see the chemicals around you.

Applicable Markets

  • • Toxic industrial compounds (TICs) monitoring

  • • Explosives / narcotics detection

  • • Leak detection

  • • Real-time process control and monitoring

  • • Research and Development


Pendar’s Infrared Handheld solution interrogates the chemical composition of a target from 0.5 to 3m away with a monolithic array of eye-safe, mid-infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs). Analyses are done from a few meters away and are both non-destructive and non-intrusive. This eliminates privacy concerns, equipment contamination, safety/health concerns of personnel, and instrumental clear-down times. The small product form factor and weight facilitates flexibility by allowing hand-held operation or table-top use with a minimal footprint.

  • • A monolithic structure

  • • Fully electronic wavelength tuning, i.e., no moving gratings

  • • Rapid tunability, requiring just 1ms to cycle through the full spectral range

  • • A device that is inherently robust, stable, and field deployable