Infrared Applications

High performance Quantum Cascade Laser Arrays enable next-generation technologies

Quantum Cascade Laser Arrays

Our QCL array source is a highly stable, rapidly and continuously wavelength tunable broadband infrared source that can be used for illumination in reflectance, absorption and transmission spectroscopies. Each element of the array is individually addressable and emits at a different wavelength by design.

Pendar Technologies holds an exclusive license for the technology, developed by our founding team in the group of Professor Federico Capasso at Harvard University.

Spectroscopy with QCL Arrays

Targeting the strongest absorption bands with high brightness and eye-safe illumination, spectroscopy is fast and clear with Pendar Technologies’s QCL Array-based instrumentation.

Our compact and rugged systems extract the full potential of QCL arrays, through our complete control of the laser design, manufacturing and system integration processes. They enable breakthroughs in IR spectroscopy, including gas analysis [Michel et al., 2017; Giglio et al., 2018] and standoff chemical detection [Laser Focus World; Witinski et al., 2018].

Targeted IR Power

High power QCLs for applications such as beacons, sighting, and material processing

High Power QCL Arrays

Our high power Quantum Cascade Lasers enable you to direct the power you need to fulfill the most demanding requirements. Key advances include high efficiency and irradiance, low M2, scalable beam-combined laser array technology, multi-watt output, and a compact form factor

Working with Pendar Technologies

Pendar Technologies is working with partners to integrate its advanced infrared systems for demanding applications in industrial, safety & security, chemical analysis, and directed energy markets.

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