Field Lab Accessory

Turn your Pendar X10 into a mobile lab

The Field Lab Accessory is an excellent match to the Pendar X10’s unparalleled ability to identify explosives, drugs, and hazardous materials. Setting up in seconds, the Field Lab Accessory takes any guesswork out of the most demanding threat identification tasks. Its modular design allows fast identification of a wide range of samples, from pills and tablets to vials, bags, and bottles. Combined with the rapid autofocus and advanced optics of Pendar X10, the accessory can reduce scan time even further than in point-and-shoot operation.

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Attach and set up with multiple scanning modes ready in seconds

The accessory can transform workflows for triage in
mobile or forensic labs, increasing throughput and
reducing backlog. Whether in the laboratory or in the
field, the Field Lab Accessory will increase the versatility of
your Pendar X10.

Any sample, anywhere.

  • 4 mL standard vial holder for vials you already use with your Handheld Raman Spectrometer
  • A sampling port for any size pill, tablet, or capsule
  • Open top mode for anything else the mission might bring


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