Pendar Q100

A turn-key broadly tunable mid-infrared laser source

This system is based on Pendar’s proprietary monolithic distributed feedback (DFB) quantum cascade laser (QCL) array.

The DFB QCL array source is a highly stable, rapidly and continuously wavelength tunable broadband infrared source that can be used for illumination for various spectroscopic applications. Each element of the array is individually addressable and emits at a different wavelength by design. The output is beam-combined using a compact optical design without moving parts. The system includes custom electronics and software allows for complete control and flexible operation of the laser source.

Pendar Technologies holds an exclusive license for the technology, developed by our founding team in the group of Prof. Capasso at Harvard.

Fast and programmable spectral sweep

  • Takes 4 µs to 130 µs to scan over
    100 cm1, depending on spectral resolution
  • Fire any laser in the array within 50 ns of each other

High SNR and flexible operation

  • Based on well-established DFB QCL technology–extremely stable power and frequency output
  • Rugged, compact, and scalable
  • No moving parts – spectral tuning electrically controlled.
  • Each array contains 32 individual DFB QCLs. We have capability to integrate 4 such arrays into one laser output to reach >500 cm-1 in bandwidth.

Turn-key solution

  • Q100 includes custom electronics to control the laser array
  • Trigger and clock input/output available
  • Software provided to operate the system through USB connection
  • 100 MHz synchronized data acquisition card add-on available

Rapidly tunable broadband infrared spectroscopy

Pendar’s Q100 broadband source targets the strongest absorption bands in the mid-infrared spectral region with high brightness and eye-safe illumination. We currently offer arrays in the 6.7 – 10.5 μm range with each of the arrays covering about 1 μm of spectral range. Please contact us for other wavelength regions within the 4 µm-12 µm mid-IR window.

Incorporation of Q100 into any spectroscopic system is straightforward as our module includes both the hardware and software for laser control. Trigger and clock signals allow convenient synchronization with existing systems.

Turn-key system

Plug-and-play solution for advanced spectroscopy experiments

Application Development

Pendar can also help in developing spectroscopic systems by providing data acquisition electronics that integrates with laser system electronics to further reduce noise

Sensing application developments at Pendar

  • Long-distance remote hazardous gas sensing
  • Open-path broadband sensor as UAV payload
  • Mid-infrared photothermal microscopy
  • Photoacoustic spectroscopy

Photoacoustic spectroscopy:

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Gas sensing:

M. Michel et al., “Open-path spectroscopic methane detection using a broadband monolithic distributed feedback-quantum cascade laser array,” Appl. Opt. 56, E23 (2017)

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