Materials Analysis

Rapid analysis in the lab or on the go

Pendar Technologies offers a suite of products for chemical intelligence and material analysis. Our user-friendly systems can rapidly validate and analyze chemicals for incoming inspection, process & quality control, forensics, or other industrial applications.

Our handheld product line can analyze and identify a material from up to a meter away or even through thick, translucent containers, closed plastic bags, chemical hoods, or closed windows. Our lab product line can be configured into a microscope, used on a lab bench, or implemented in a plant. The standoff capability eliminates contact hazards and contamination.

Pendar’s products include several key innovations which significantly mitigate problems associated with fluorescence and laser-induced heating making it possible to analyze and identify substances that have traditionally posed problems to Raman-based systems.

Our products integrate built-in libraries, sophisticated algorithms, and a simple user interface. Minimal user training is required. Within seconds, clear and actionable results are delivered and able to be read by people of all levels of expertise. Expert users can access full material spectra. Our suite of products combines elegant design, key innovations, and on-board intelligence, to change how material analysis is done in the field, in the lab, and in the plant.

Analyze New Materials

  • Expanded ability to analyze dark or highly fluorescent materials
  • Sample temperature measurement by IR camera to adjust laser heating

Analyze at a Distance

  • Measurements through thick glass and translucent containers
  • Auto-focus, range can be configured
  • No laser safety eye protection required

Flexible Functionality

  • Built-in camera for barcode reading and photo capture
  • Custom report generation
  • Expandable Raman library

Next Generation Raman

Accurately identify dark, sensitive, and highly fluorescent materials

Incoming inspection

Incoming Inspection

Rapidly identify incoming materials through packaging and containers

Through Barrier Analysis

Safely identify chemicals through clear and translucent obstacles

No Sampling Required

Conveniently measure materials deep into containers without contact

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