Pendar X10 portable handheld Raman spectrometer

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Pendar X10

Breakthrough, short-range standoff Raman chemical ID for EOD, HAZMAT, Narcotics, Forensics, and more.

At a standoff distance of up to 3 feet, Pendar X10 is a portable handheld Raman spectrometer that enables rapid identification of hazardous chemicals including highly fluorescent, dark, and sensitive materials. By increasing measurement distance and strongly reducing the risks of laser-induced explosion and eye damage, Pendar X10 offers new levels of safety, accuracy, and speed in the field.

Pendar X10 safely identifies dark and explosive materials

Extend Your Reach

  • Handheld, short-range (up to 3 feet/1 meter) standoff point and shoot measurement.
  • Measurements taken through thick, translucent containers.
  • Measure through closed plastic bags, chemical hoods, even closed windows.

Pendar X10 identifies chemicals at a distance of up to 3 feet

Extend Your Safety

  • No laser safety eye protection required.
  • Minimal ignition risk with black powder and sensitive primaries.
  • Contactless measurement limits risk of exposure or contamination.

Pendar X10 rapidly identifies materials with little or no preparation

Extend Your Speed

  • Rapidly identify highly fluorescent materials with little or no preparation.
  • Expandable Raman library includes Explosives, TICs, and Narcotics.
  • Dark or highly fluorescent materials identified in <30 seconds, white powders in <10 seconds.

The Pendar X10 is the Next Generation of Intelligent Systems.

Groundbreaking standoff Raman analysis enabled by Pendar’s first-in-class technology and algorithms.

Pendar X10 can identify through barriers, including glass or translucent plastics
Through Barrier Analysis

Safely identify chemicals through clear and translucent obstacles.

Pendar X10 can be used at a standoff distance of up to 3 feet (1 meter) and can be used to identify liquids or solids through translucent glass and plastics, including glove boxes and fume hoods. By removing the need to closely approach unknown chemicals, Pendar X10 gives users an unprecedented level of safety.

Pendar X10 identifies deep into containers without sampling or contact
No Sampling Required

Conveniently measure materials deep into containers without contact

No vials, probes or detector strips are needed for Pendar X10 to accurately identify unknown chemicals. EOD ad HAZMAT personnel can remain protected from accidental exposure or contamination while measuring hard to reach samples. Eliminate any risk of cross-contamination by keeping the analyzed material untouched.

Pendar X10's unique technology mitigates risk of explosion
Measure Dark Materials

Accurately identify dark and sensitive materials

While Raman detectors often have a risk of igniting combustible substances, our unique technology can identify black powders and other sensitive primaries with a minimal risk of explosion. Pendar X10 allows EOD teams and first responders to rapidly identify potential explosives.

Pendar X10's advanced technology and intelligent algorithms offer speed and accuracy in identifying fluorescent substances
Next Generation Raman

Rapidly identify highly fluorescent materials

Overcome the limitations of 785 nm systems without the drawbacks of 1064 nm systems for the most challenging samples. Pendar X10 offers speed and accuracy when identifying even highly fluorescent chemicals such as opioids, including heroin and fentanyl. Our advanced technology, combined with our intelligent algorithms, delivers this capability while maintaining rapid measurement speed for non-fluorescent samples and without compromising the size, weight and power consumption of the system.

Pendar X10 operates without proximity or contact, maintaining scene integrity
Maintain Scene Integrity

Rapidly extract evidence, leaving the site untouched

First responders in bombing or drug investigations must assess the scene quickly yet thoroughly to determine the right course of action, with a need to identify scene hazards as well as preserve physical evidence while avoiding contamination. Pendar X10 allows investigators and first responders to accurately identify the level of risk presented by unknown chemicals without compromising the integrity of the scene or evidence.

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