Pendar X10

Introducing Pendar X10™

A Breakthrough in Short-Range Standoff Raman for Chemical Identification

Cambridge, MA, February 12, 2019 – Pendar Technologies introduces a breakthrough in Raman chemical detection. At a standoff distance of up to 3 feet, Pendar X10 allows for rapid identification of hazardous chemicals in homemade explosives labs or during EOD operations, including highly fluorescent, dark, and sensitive materials.

By increasing measurement distance and strongly reducing the risks of laser-induced explosion and eye damage, Pendar X10 offers EOD, HAZMAT, Narcotics and other teams new levels of safety, accuracy, and speed in the field. Simple point-and-shoot technology requires little training and delivers results within seconds, enabling operators to make rapid critical decisions.

Pendar X10 is the first product to come to market from Pendar Technologies and marks the launch of the company’s mission to advance intelligent chemistry systems. Dr. Daryoosh Vakhshoori, Pendar’s founder, CEO, and President has brought together a team with a proven track record in developing new products and building successful high-tech businesses. He founded Ahura Scientific (acquired in 2010 by Thermo Fisher Scientific) with the aim of moving advanced spectroscopic techniques out of scientific laboratories and into the hands of non-specialist field operators.

“We are introducing our breakthrough Raman platform that addresses problems traditionally associated with Raman spectroscopy,” said Dr. Vakhshoori. “Pendar X10 is our first product based on this new platform. This handheld unit enables users to analyze dangerous material at a distance of up to 3 feet with no laser eye safety protection. Furthermore, our novel approach mitigates fluorescence interference and reduces the risk of ignition of dark explosive materials. By providing clear actionable results and interpretations, our solutions enable users to focus on their primary objectives: responding to emergencies and saving lives.”


Chris Vander Rhodes
Pendar Technologies