Premier CBRNE training facility uses Pendar’s X10 standoff, Handheld Raman identification of hazardous chemicals

Cambridge – June 7, 2022 – Pendar Technologies, an innovator in standoff handheld Raman detection, announced it is teaming with Guardian Centers of Georgia, a world-renowned training facility that specializes in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) programs. Trusted by thousands of first responders, Guardian Centers of Georgia educates clientele with classroom-based courses and realistic practicum experience to identify, analyze and respond to new and evolving threats. Guardian Centers of Georgia’s use of the Pendar X10 has been essential to this training, particularly given the standoff capability that identifies hazardous materials in 30 seconds or less.

“Our programs seek to give students critical information quickly so they can make sound decisions in high-stress environments,” said Kerry O’Connell, the CBRNE/HAZMAT Director at Guardian Centers of Georgia. “The Pendar X10 is a game-changer that gives us the ability to provide our clients with technology that can help them identify chemicals rapidly, while also doing it at distances up to 6 feet away, which isn’t currently possible with other Raman technology. Pendar’s Difference Raman technology provides us with an instrument that can safely identify a wide range of chemicals, including dark, sensitive explosives and highly fluorescent materials. We are honored that Pendar has granted Guardian Centers of Georgia the distinct honor of being an authorized Pendar Training Facility and look forward to growing our relationship with Pendar Technologies, while continuing to serve as the premier training facility for CBRNE and disaster preparedness.”

Pendar X10 has been gaining ground in the Safety and Security market since its introduction in February 2019. “Equipped with a Pendar X10, users can understand the materials they are facing without manipulating or sampling them.” said Dr. Daryoosh Vakhshoori, CEO and Founder of Pendar Technologies. “The excitement is palpable when we show CBRNE professionals the ability to safely identify hazardous chemicals at a distance, and their enthusiasm for our technology has spurred us to continue development of further ground-breaking capabilities to better serve first responders and military personnel.”

“Given the extensive training Guardian Centers of Georgia conducts, it has been a natural evolution to team with them as they educate thousands of global first responders on the tactics, techniques and procedures to successfully execute downrange operations safely and effectively.” Said Kyle Dumke, Product Manager for Pendar X10. “And we’re proud to support Guardian Centers of Georgia as being an authorized Pendar Training Facility.”

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