Pendar Technologies isn’t done improving the Pendar X10 portable Raman spectrometer. As hundreds of first responders are starting to use the Pendar X10 we are listening to all of them; this is why we are excited to announce our 2.3 software for the Pendar X10. Our engineers who have years of experience in chemical identification are excited to include the following:


  • New steady laser aiming for improved focus in all lighting conditions
  • 1,000 new items added to the library, including designer drugs, new fentanyl analogs, and hundreds of toxic chemicals
  • New spectrum zoom-in feature for in-depth analysis of the Raman spectra
  • User library builder to customize your Pendar X10 with the latest threats
If your team already has a Pendar X10 reach out to  for your free update. Click here to get in touch with our team if you haven’t upgraded your CBRNe kit!