Pendar Wins Bronze Pittcon Today Excellence Award at Pittcon 2019

Cambridge, MA, March 25, 2019 –The Pendar X series of standoff Raman instruments was announced as the Bronze winner of the Pittcon Today Excellence Award (in the sales of under $10 million category). The series includes Pendar X10™ and Pendar XA™. Pendar X10 is a handheld instrument geared towards assisting personnel in EOD, HAZMAT, Narcotics to quickly and safely identify unknown chemicals at a distance of up to 3 feet. Pendar XA is designed to assist personnel in pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries in discovery and scale-up to quickly and safely analyze a wide variety of known and unknown substances.

Pittcon Today is the official magazine of the Pittcon conference and exposition, the premier annual event for laboratory science. The Pittcon Today Excellence Award presented to Pendar was one of nine total Excellence Awards presented during Pittcon 2019. The winners were selected by an independent panel of judges looking to recognize product innovations and ingenuity.

Pendar XA™ can analyze the kinetics of almost all reactions (even if the reaction has fluorescence) with no probes or contact required.

“We have just introduced the Pendar XA and are thrilled to have its breakthrough capabilities recognized with this award,” said Dr. Daryoosh Vakhshoori, Pendar’s CEO and President. “Our potential customers have been very impressed with the product so far; having a panel of industry leaders recognize the vast potential of our system is gratifying.”

Geoff White (Pittcon 2019 Expo Chair) presents Bronze Excellence Award to Adam Erlich (Pendar’s lead for Strategic Business Development) Photo Credit: Pittcon Today.

The Pendar XA is the first Raman platform that can analyze the kinetics of almost all reactions, even if the reaction has fluorescence. The system does not need a probe, which makes it possible to do real-time monitoring of very small volumes of reactants. In addition, the Pendar XA’s advanced algorithm converts complicated Raman spectra into actionable information on the chemistry and structure of both known and unknown molecules.

Pendar X10 can identify a wide range of chemicals including highly fluorescent materials. It can also be used to identify dark materials with minimal risk of ignition.


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